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January 2016

PesaLink Is Conceptualized

PesaLink is conceptualized to provide a 24 x 7 x 365 real-time payment services for the banking industry in Kenya.

November 2016

PesaLink began processing of live transactions

PesaLink begins processing of transactions, providing a long-awaited environment for real-time transfer of funds for customers at various participanting banks, enabling immediate value, with same-day settlement capabilities for banks.

August 2020

PesaLink Transformation and Modernization

The target was to migrate PesaLink to ISO 20022 standard, which enables richer, better structured and more granular data end-to-end to be carried in payments messages

October 2021

PesaLink went live on ISO 20022

To facilitate a data driven and support new use cases such as RTP (Request To Pay), Payment Initiation and Direct Debits

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