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Currently, all banked users can access PesaLink on their bank digital channels.

Yes. PesaLink is available on bank digital channels to include: Mobile Banking, ATM, Internet Banking, Bank branch and Agency Banking.

The minimum amount that can be transferred on PesaLink is KES 10 and the maximum amount is capped at KES 999,999

Yes you can by providing the account number and directing whoever is sending money to use the Send to Account option.

Yes. By requesting the sender of funds to transfer funds using the Send to Account option on PesaLink.

Yes. If you have a bank account with the said bank.

Currently, PesaLink will facilitate local funds transfer. International transfers will be scoped in later phases of the service.

Yes. By using Send to Account option on PesaLink.

It should take a maximum of 50 seconds for a PesaLink transaction to be completed.

PesaLink facilitates Funds transfer in KES (Kenya Shillings) only.

No. PesaLink is a service offered by IPSL which is the profit arm of KBA (Kenya Bankers Association).

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