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Instant Payment

PesaLink Instant Payment is so far, the most innovative and revolutionary e-payment solution designed by IPSL to service the banking industry. This funds transfer service guarantees instant value to the beneficiary by moving money from one bank account to another whether individual or business. The service is offered via bank’s internet banking, mobile/USSD and bank branch.

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PesaLink Business Payments Solution

PesaLink is an instant payment method offered by banks and fintechs for instant payments any time, day or night. PesaLink enables businesses in Kenya to send and receive money instantly from their bank accounts and can be accessed on the bank’s Internet Banking, Mobile Bank App or USSD.
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Coming Soon - Person To Merchant Payments

This is a PesaLink solution that is available at the check-out point on ecommerce platforms, to enable merchants collect real time payments into their respective bank accounts.
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