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Automated Bulk Payments

PesaLink Business Payments Solution

PesaLink is an instant payment method offered by banks and fintechs for instant payments any time, day or night. PesaLink enables businesses in Kenya to send and receive money instantly from their bank accounts and can be accessed on the bank’s Internet Banking, Mobile Bank App or USSD.
Making payments with PesaLink is as easy as:
  • 1. Select bank transfer
  • 2. Select PesaLink
  • 3. Enter recipient details/Upload bulk file as per your bank’s specifications
  • 4. Click send/submit
  • 5. You will receive a confirmation message and link to download a digital receipt


For The Business:
  • Instant Real time payments – no cut-off time to make and receive payments, even on weekends and after dark
  • Higher transaction limits than MNO’s – up to Kes 999,999 per transaction and multiple transactions
  • Bulk functionality – PesaLink has the ability to send one transaction or 10,000 transactions easily, just upload the file and click send
  • Affordable – PesaLink is the cheaper option for making bank to bank transfers. The pricing is based on the amount sent from as low as Kes 0 (for amounts less than Kes 500) to the maximum cost of Kes 250 for Kes 999,999. Some banks charge as low as Kes 100 per transaction.
  • Traceability – both parties receive a digital receipt confirming the transaction was successful. Collection Accounts receive payments for free
  • Available across 37 banks - you don’t need to change your banking partner
  • No integration required – just log on to your banks channel and transact today

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